Cisco, Texas

Is Cisco worth a stop? Yes.

Overnight? Well if you stayed at the Historic Eastland hotel it is way too early to think about overnight accommodations.

One thing that is need is a cup of coffee – and the Waverly Coffee Shop on main street has that covered. Cisco has that covered

About Cisco, Texas:

Cisco, Texas once home to the world largest swimming pool and the first hotel owned by Hilton today is a survivor along the Bankhead Highway.

Things to do:



Side trips:

About fifteen miles off the Bankhead Highway but a must do – Cross Plains, Texas.

Robert E. Howard’s home
Robert E. Howard’s room – this is where fantastic worlds would be created.

Robert E. Howard wrote pulp fiction, poetry, prose, and is best known for creating the character Conan the Barbarian. Howard is credited for creating the sword and sorcery genre. The Robert E. Howard museum allows the visitor a unique experience to discover more about the author and his work within the walls of his home.

The museum is by appointment only – not rushed, very informative, and photos are encouraged.

A stones throw from the Howard museum is Woody’s Car and Baseball Museum.

Incredible Museum in Cross Plains, Texas
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