Greenville, Texas

Should the traveler stop in Greenville, Texas? Yes. Greenville is a town worth walking around. Park out side the Texan Theater and explore.

About Greenville, Texas:

Greenville is the county seat of Hunt County. Greenville is named after Thomas Green an officer for the Texas Army during the battle for independence and later became a member of the Republic of Texas’ Congress.

Cotton was the key to Greenville’s commerce early in 20th century, ultimately the community would be crowned “cotton capital of the world”.

Greenville would also produce the most decorated soldier of World War II, Audie Murphy.

Things to do:

Visit the Texan Theater.

The marque of the Texan. Inside the walls and amazing renovation.

Melissa amazed at the quality and caliber of talent that has played the Texan.



Side trips:

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