Ranger, Texas

Should the traveler bypass Ranger, Texas? No. Drive through the town and travel down the brick road that runs parallel with the Roaring Ranger Museum.

Does the traveler need to get out of the car? No, unless the museum is open. Most photos can be taken from the car.

About Ranger, Texas.

Ranger might be a ghost town but it has, in my opinion, one of the best stretches of brick Bankhead Highway roadway. (thebankheadhighway.com homepage image)

The rewarding rhythm of the roadway is a delight to experience. Eastland county offers some of the best preserved hand laid brick road in Texas.

Brick, brick, and more brick. Ranger is built up and on brick. Brick streets lay in front of brick building that labor against gravity.

The Roaring Ranger Museum – padlock and no hours posted.

Things to do:

The Roaring Ranger Museum is located in the Ranger’s old train depot. Open on weekends. The museum will tell the story of how this town of 1000 grew to a population of over 30,000, almost overnight.

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