Strawn, Texas

The next town after Palo Pinto will be Strawn, Texas.

Should the traveler stop in Strawn, Texas. Yes and no, depends on the weather. Actually this town is worth a look. As for wondering around on foot, most tourist could probably see the sights best, and more comfortably, from the interior of the car.

About Strawn, Texas:

A town born from coal and gas now sits as the destination for chicken fried steak. Mary’s cafe serves up chicken fried to the masses and one should plan on a bit of a wait for a table.

Things to do:

Check out the Watson House an out of place palace in a small Texas town.

The Watson House was built in 1919 at a cost of 98,000 dollars. Today it has a variety of overnight packages in five star accommodations.

Strawn Main Street

Strawn’s main street is that wonderful old brick. What does this brick have in common with the brick of Congress Ave. in Austin? It all came from the town of Thurber, Texas, our next stop.

A side trip off the Bankhead Highway that is worth taking is a trip to Thurber, Texas.

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