Sulphur Springs, Texas

About Sulphur Springs, Texas:

Sulphur Springs will be the third town along your Bankhead journey with a population over 10,000. Sulphur Springs does an incredible job of maintaining a small town feel. An amazing square offers hours of shopping, dining, and entertainment while you take a respite from the car.

Sulphur Springs’ courthouse and veterans memorial

Things to do:

One thing not to miss is the mirror restrooms. These odd outhouses allow a full view of the town square while you TCB.

A mirror monolith for TCB

An experience.


While Sulphur Springs has some wonderful cafes and eating establishment. The Bankhead traveler might want to wait a few mile until the town on Brashear, Texas to satisfy the hunger pangs.

Culinary expertise is offered up by a California transplant in the small town of Brashear, Texas. The historic store sits along the Bankhead Highway and proudly wears the BH Badge. Beyond friendly folks coupled with a menu of beyond expectation epicurean entrees will satisfy the tummy for miles.

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