Sweetwater, Texas

Is Sweetwater worth a stop? Yes and No.

Sweetwater, in my opinion, is a town with great possibility. It has not arrived at its full potential. I hope someday it will.

That said, stop and visit the W.A.S.P museum.

The museum is on the westside of town and is worth the stop. Plan on spending about 45 minutes to an hour.

The museum tells the story of the women pilots of World War II.

The pilots shuttled a variety of aircraft from base to base during the war. The museum contains multiple artifacts and exhibits. There is no charge but it does have a gift shop.

Two abandoned drive-in bookend the town of Sweetwater, Texas.

The Midway’s screen is made of brick.

The Midway Drive-in on the west side of town has a screen made of brick. Standing strong against the huff and the puff of the West Texas wind.

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