Putting the Bankhead Highway back together.

In recent months Tab across Texas has been researching and searching the Bankhead Highway in Texas. Our journey has introduced us to authors, historian, and Texans who are just overwhelmingly friendly.

We have learned more about Texas, America, Americana, and heritage tourism than we ever expected to. Adhering to Tab across Texas mission to Experience / Write / Share, we are attempting to put together this site. A Bankhead Highway site.

This site will be dedicated to the Bankhead Highway’s history and future. A tremendous amount of redevelopment is occurring on the Bankhead. We hope that this site can and will become a clearinghouse for Bankhead news and happenings.

If you are interested in heritage tourism, old roads, blue highways, or simply enjoy hearing stories that bring joy please follow Tab across Texas new site @ thebankheadhighway.com

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