A Traveling Man’s Last Flight

Tab across Texas

A hint of smoke fills the cabin of the Douglas DC-3, 6,000 feet above East Texas.

Two crew and seven passengers, en route to the next show, be-bopping and energetic from previous engagements, three sold-out nights, a recently signed record contract, and the resurgence of the lead singer’s career, are unaware of the horror that lays ahead.

The plane’s owner and band’s leader is a rockabilly icon, teenage idol, television star, and a victim of his successes.

His rise and fall led him through many struggles, but the future was bright. New opportunities were certain, and at only forty-five, his life was beginning.

The passengers, concerned but not overly alarmed with N711Y’s situation, living was on their minds. Renewal and resurgence on the horizon.

Pilot and co-pilot bumble in their actions, every decision they make, as smoke drifts through the 14 seat aircraft, errors in their duties.

With the band’s…

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Across the State in Eight (part 5 – Mineral Wells to Abilene) – A Bankhead Highway motorcycle adventure.

Mineral Wells to Abilene

Tab across Texas

BH map letterhead c (2)

“For everything you have missed, you have gained something else, and for everything you gain, you lose something else.”


The Bankhead Highway route out of Mineral Wells is the gateway to the Palo Pinto Mountains – well hills. A beautiful country where springs fed creeks that flow into the Brazos River, supplying life to the balanced collection of arid and semiarid flora throughout the region.

This was Native American land. Kiowa and Comanche roamed this section of Texas for centuries. Many nations tried to tame Comancharia and many failed.

Today the area is calm. Ranchers have staked and claimed the land, posting up the consequences for being on the wrong side of the fence.

IMG_8961 2 An excellent example of an old Sinclair Station. 

Palo Pinto is named after a tree, a tree with spots. It is also the county seat of Palo Pinto County. Aside from the courthouse and other…

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Putting the Bankhead Highway back together.

In recent months Tab across Texas has been researching and searching the Bankhead Highway in Texas. Our journey has introduced us to authors, historian, and Texans who are just overwhelmingly friendly.

We have learned more about Texas, America, Americana, and heritage tourism than we ever expected to. Adhering to Tab across Texas mission to Experience / Write / Share, we are attempting to put together this site. A Bankhead Highway site.

This site will be dedicated to the Bankhead Highway’s history and future. A tremendous amount of redevelopment is occurring on the Bankhead. We hope that this site can and will become a clearinghouse for Bankhead news and happenings.

If you are interested in heritage tourism, old roads, blue highways, or simply enjoy hearing stories that bring joy please follow Tab across Texas new site @ thebankheadhighway.com