Across the State in Eight – A Bankhead Highway motorcycle adventure

Warm and cold air mixed last night. The sky wrote love messages as the electrons and protons showed their attraction to each other.  Air rose and fell, uplift, downdraft, strong, weak, hot and cold. Energy.

Today the air is cool, and a strong north wind will keep my machine dancing all over the road as we begin our adventure down the Bankhead Highway.


Before this journey can begin, we, the machine and I, must get to the starting point. In Texas, the Bankhead starting point in Texarkana, Texas.


Today will be spent quickly and safely navigating space between tractors and trailers, UPS and FedEx, vans, parents, pets, and wildlife.

Texarkana, emotional mile marker one for the machine and I. In the upcoming days, we will cover almost 900 miles, four regions of climate and geographic change, revitalization, decomposition, long tall tales, colorful characters, myth, and legend.

Our guide is Dan Smith’s book Texas Highway No. 1 – The Bankhead Highway in Texas. I will attempt to follow the maps as close as possible, staying true to the actual “original” route.


Tomorrow is a big day. The start of an epic journey across the State of Texas. A toast to the unknown with a pour of Texarkana’s own Pecan Point brewery’s “State Line Blonde”.


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